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School buildings stand for many things. They remind us of the community’s values for quality education and sustainability—and a bright future built on science and technology. Like every student, every building has hidden potential. At Trane, we take a holistic approach to tapping the possibilities. We’re making buildings more energy-efficient, so you can re-assign operating costs to classrooms and curb the carbon footprint. We’re doing our part to keep kids comfortable so you can keep them alert and engaged. Our newest technologies make it easier to maintain the optimal temperature and air quality.

We’re turning ordinary school buildings into high achievers.

Strengthening your budget by looking deeper into your energy strategy. Trane Energy Services looks at both supply and demand. We can help you find more money for teachers and curriculum by navigating energy purchasing strategies, energy sourcing, storage, consumption and overall grid network efficiency.

Leading the way in innovative technologies that improve learning environments. Trane’s Connected Building Solutions provide innovative control technologies. We’ve uncomplicated the tasks behind maintaining student and staff comfort. .

Engaging future STEM professionals through sustainability initiatives. We’ll help you lighten your campus carbon footprint and demonstrate the results to students and families. You can bring our expertise into your classrooms with educational programs that build excitement around STEM.

Sustainability is a priority at Trane. Learn more about Ingersoll Rand’s Climate Commitment

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Our mission is to promote manufacturing; exchange information, resources and best practices; and improve the image and perception of manufacturing companies and employment throughout the community.

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