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Kurt Manufacturing

32500 Excellence Ave | 719-948-4777

About Company

Kurt Manufacturing, Pueblo produces close tolerance impact and machined parts for all industries and applications.

Company Culture

Open, Team-Oriented, Continuous Improvement

Positions at Company

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Benefits Offered

Benefit plans are available to full-time employees.

  • Medical
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Employee Stock Ownership Program
  • Bonuses

Opportunities for Advancement

Kurt Manufacturing offers annual pay increases and paid training opportunities for advanceme.t

Desired Soft Skills

Strong Communication Skills, Team Work, Willingness to Learn

Employment Requirements

Pre-employment Drug Testing Required (not THC)

Strong Dedication to Safety

About Us

Our mission is to promote manufacturing; exchange information, resources and best practices; and improve the image and perception of manufacturing companies and employment throughout the community.

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