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Krage Manufacturing

1 Eaton Way, Pueblo, CO 81001 | 719-948-2002

About Company

Krage Manufacturing is a visionary, growing enterprise focused on helping our customers become the best they can be. Our attention to detail, quality control efforts and on-time delivery are the best in business.

Krage Mfg. was established in 2000 but is a result of over 130 years of company ownership and entrepreneurship. Four generations of family pioneers in heavy construction and manufacturing dating back to the 1880’s have provided the foundation and ‘Can Do’ atmosphere at Krage Mfg. We are simply a continuation of these customer-oriented, enterprising ancestors that didn’t believe in the word – Can’t.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to rethink how we are doing our jobs which will provide the vision to break new innovative ground for the future. But always looking and always willing to interview for best fit as we continue to grow.





About Us

Our mission is to promote manufacturing; exchange information, resources and best practices; and improve the image and perception of manufacturing companies and employment throughout the community.

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