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Tour Guidelines

- Visitors may not bring weapons onto the property
- Cameras are allowed in some areas. NO cameras or cell phones allowed in the manufacturing facility.
- Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled tour time

Clothing Requirements

Since this is a tour through an operational manufacturing facility, this safety dress code must be followed without exception:
- Long pants must be worn (no skirts, no shorts)
- Shirts must have sleeves (short sleeves acceptable; no sleeveless or cap sleeves)
- Midriffs/torsos must be covered
- Shoes must be closed-toe/heel and flat (no sandals, no heels, no "Croc"-type shoes)
- No long jewelry

About Us

Our mission is to promote manufacturing; exchange information, resources and best practices; and improve the image and perception of manufacturing companies and employment throughout the community.

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